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Cases that come before a juvenile or family court judge are never simple and there is never one solution for all children and families involved in the justice system. The NCJFCJ team works diligently every day to provide judges, courts and related agencies with the knowledge and skills to address the complex issues related to juvenile, family, and domestic violence cases.

Your support, both financial and otherwise is crucial to our ongoing mission. Thank you for considering Council First when making your charitable donations.

“What grounds us all is our devotion and commitment to children and families and amplifying the importance of an independent, well-trained and trusted judiciary. And that is the reason this organization is 80 years strong.” Joey Orduna Hastings, CEO
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Leadership. Education. Community. Justice begins with an independent, well-trained and trusted judiciary and well-trained justice professionals. Your gift of membership will enhance the knowledge and skills needed to improve the lives of children, families, and victims of domestic violence who seek justice.

Thank you for considering Council First when making your charitable donations by giving the gift of membership - a gift that lasts an entire year.

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I have been a member of the NCJFCJ for more than a decade. I love the policy work the NCJFCJ does and how they promote compassion, systems accountability, and best practice in working with our families and children in all court systems.


Will broaden education opportunities for our members who might not otherwise be able to take full advantage of NCJFCJ trainings and conferences.

Education. Leadership. Community.

Scholarship funds contributed will enable judges and court professionals to participate in shared educational experiences,explore best practice, enhance their own practice, and discover innovative programs to take back to their communities through attendance at NCJFCJ’s programs, including the Annual Conference and National Conference on Juvenile Justice. Invest in the next 80 years of advancing our commitment to children and families who seek justice.

Thank you for considering Council First when making your charitable donations by giving the gift of scholarship - a gift that lasts a career.

Judge Richard J. FitzGerald Memorial Scholarship

An enquiring jurist and expert faculty in all areas of juvenile and family law, who taught and practiced that all professionals in juvenile and family courts should be well-trained to ensure judges receive information necessary to make the best possible, well-informed decisions for children and families. This scholarship is for any NCJFCJ member to broaden their knowledge through participation in the NCJFCJ programs.

John Shaw Field Scholarship Fund

John Shaw Field, a philanthropist with a vision that an educated judiciary is key to successful communities, this scholarship is for NCJFCJ judicial members to enhance their knowledge and skills through participation in the NCJFCJ’s Annual Conference or National Conference on Juvenile Justice.

Judge Richard J. FitzGerald changed practice for courts across the country. His characterization of our jobs as Enquiring Magistrates made us all realize that judges need to be active in court; and his commitment to training for all court professionals led to better outcomes for children and families. Judge Leonard P. Edwards, Past President

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